29-November-2017 AF2-10/M Graphical EQ Updated
For the AF2-10/M graphical EQ plug-in, rather than create just another digital EQ, we decided to develop the best analogue EQ we could, and then model it digitally. This means you get all the desirable, natural sounding qualities of an analogue design - without the limitations - combined with all the advantages of precise digital control.
The AF2-10 provides ten bands, each with a comprehensive selection of filter types, including peak, shelving, low and high-pass. In addition, an FFT display and professional metering options permit flexible monitoring before or after processing. Innovative efficient DSP algorithms model the equivalent analogue response, while leaving plenty of CPU power for more complex plug-ins, or just more instances in a typical DAW session.
V2.4.9 now includes updated UI elements for a clearer more contemporary look and feel. This is a free update for existing users. The AF2-10/M is available to download and demo for free, or buy now from the online store.

24-November-2017 Website status
The OverTone DSP website is online. For information about product availability or services, please contact us

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