Downloading with Google Chrome

Known issues with Google Chrome

Google's Chrome browser implements various measures to try to make using the internet safer. This includes blocking some downloaded files it thinks might be "potentially unwanted programs". It is unclear as to what method Chrome uses to assess the quality of downloaded software, but what is clear is that it regularly identifies completely harmless programs as "potentially unwanted" or malicious. Recent versions of Chrome seem to have become much more aggressive in this behaviour. If you encounter a warning such as this:
chrome error

To download the file, you can either: 1. Go to Chrome's settings menu:
chrome settings-01

2. Select 'Show advanced settings'
chrome settings-01

3. Uncheck 'Protect you and your device from dangerous sites'
chrome settings-01

4. Re-download the file


  1. Genuine copies of our software are securely signed using a verifiable certificate from an approved authority. This ensures they cannot be modified without invalidating the signature, and guarantees them as authentic.
  2. Genuine copies of our software will only install files necessary for the product to function. They do not install browser toolbars or add-ons, spyware or other malicious or unwanted software and they will not make any changes to your system, application configuration or other settings.
  3. We are not responsible for copies of our software obtained from unauthorized distributors, or illegal download sites.

If you need further information about installing or downloading products, please use the Contact Us form for all support enquiries.


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