OverTone DSP AF210 Graphical EQ Plug-in

AF2-10/M Stereo Graphical EQ - Plug-in for Windows, Mac & Linux

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A versatile graphical EQ with a wide range of zero latency analogue modelled filters and realtime FFT display.
The AF2-10 proves that digital EQ doesn't have to sound digital. Using innovative processing algorithms to accurately model analogue filters, without extra latency or high CPU demand, the AF2-10 delivers the desirable qualities of analogue EQ with digital precision.
Up to ten bands are provided, covering a comprehensive range of filter types, accurately modelled across the full 20Hz to 20kHz audio range, together with a sample synchronous realtime FFT display featuring optional pre / post process monitoring and selectable slope compensation.
In addition, the package now includes the AF2-10M plug-in which provides all the features of the original AF2-10, together with built-in professional metering options for stereo PPM (IEC I & II) VU and dBFS monitoring pre / post the EQ.
System Requirements - Windows:
  • 32Bit Systems: Windows 7 or newer and a VST compatible host application.
  • 64Bit Systems: Windows 7 or newer and a VST, VST3 or AAX compatible host application.
System Requirements - Mac:
  • Requires macOS v.10.8 - v.10.14
  • An AudioUnit, VST, VST3 or AAX compatible host application.
System Requirements - Linux:
  • An X11 (GLX) compatible Linux distribution.
  • A Linux VST2 compatible host.
From V2.4.5 onwards, the AF210/M requires support for OpenGL 3.x or later. This is provided by most recent Windows graphics drivers and should be integral to Mac OS X on compatible systems.

Latest Versions:
Win / Mac AAX Native V2.4.9 / V2.4.9
Windows VST2 32 and 64Bit V2.4.9
Windows VST3 64Bit V2.4.9
Mac Audio Unit 32 and 64Bit V2.4.9
Mac VST2 32 and 64Bit V2.4.9
Mac VST3 64Bit V2.4.9
Linux VST2 64Bit V2.4.9.3
Analogue Filter Modelling Accurately models the natural response of analogue filters even at close to the limit imposed by the sample rate, without requiring CPU intensive techniques.
Zero Latency Filters Decramped zero latency filters with correct equivalent analogue gain at Nyquist.
Auto-lock frequency or gain [ Shift + drag ] to automatically lock out either frequency or gain changes while adjusting filters.
Comprehensive selection of filter types
  • Peak Filters - 5 types with varying gain / Q interaction.
  • LF and HF Shelf with adjustable resonance.
  • Lowpass with adjustable resonance.
  • Highpass with adjustable resonance.
  • Glitch-free switching / morphing between filter types.
Realtime FFT display
  • Sample synchronous realtime display of harmonic content.
  • Selectable FFT slope compensation (3dB / oct).
  • Pre / Post EQ monitoring.
Built-in professional metering - AF210M
  • IEC PPM I.
  • VU.
  • Digital dBFS.
  • Pre / Post EQ monitoring.
High resolution zoom / scroll Zoom and scroll the EQ / FFT display in realtime for extra detail.
OS / System Compatibility
  32Bit 64Bit
Windows AAX*
Windows VST
Windows VST3  
Mac AAX*
Mac VST3  
Mac AudioUnit
Linux VST2**  

OS / System requirements based on typical representative configurations and host applications. Be sure to check compatibility with the free demos provided.
*The AAX Plug-Ins are designed for use with ProTools 11 & 12. Limited support for use with ProTools 10 is also available.
**Linux compatibility is dependent upon operating system components, configuration and host application(s). Please check compatibility using the free demos.


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